Nantucket Hydrangeas

JUST THIRTY MILES OFF THE COAST OF NEW ENGLAND’S Cape Cod lies the extraordinary beauty of Nantucket Island with its clear blue skies and familiar breezes. Every summer, from late June through August, Nantucket’s beauty is enhanced by the island’s quintessential flowering shrub, the hydrangea, which greets residents and visitors along the island shores and streets and shines throughout its gardens.

A Nantucket garden framed with hydrangeas becomes a quiet retreat where stories are shared with friends over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. The garden and its hydrangeas offer solitude for reading, writing, or simple reflection. In the evening, charm and intimacy fill the air as the fog rolls in creating a solemn calm in the garden. I love hydrangeas purely for the pleasure they give. I hope the reader will find as much pleasure and joy as I have during my years on Nantucket. 

- Renee Pembroke 

About the Book

This is a gorgeous new book with a linen cover and full color photos throughout. It’s a perfect gift and a must for every coffee table on or off Nantucket. Hydrangeas are identified in a thorough index as well as on a full spread grid. Nantucket Hydrangeas serves as a fantastic resource book, while bringing the charm of Nantucket into your home.

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“Nantucket Hydrangeas captures the astounding beauty of the many varieties of hydrangeas on the island. The identification grid and index are especially helpful for gardeners. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in hydrangeas-a perfect gift!” - By Debra


Author: Renee Pembroke

Contributions: Alice Bingham Gorman, David Lusk, and Suzanna Phelps Fredette


Artist statement: "I paint feelings and emotions for which I have no words."- Freida Hamm

I am grateful for Freida Hamm's long-term friendship and for her sharing these paintings with me once again. This project has been a lovely journey that took us through the English countryside where Freida photographed and sketched churches, architectural structures, and landscapes on our many trips. Her story is one of strength, courage and immeasurable talent. This book shares Freida's story, as well as her sketches, and paintings.

Renee Pembroke

About the Book

Freida Hamm's large oil on paper paintings capture the spontaneity of the artist--her hands, her eyes, her mind-- in a fresh, immediate way impossible to achieve on canvas. The sense of life and history in The artist's work is due to not only active brushwork, but also to her unique and infinitely correct sense of color and design, and the obvious love affair this artist has with the act of making art. Seen from a distance these paintings simply describe architectural structures in a landscape that has described them always. The two have become one-- the trees contain the secret history they have observed.

Freida's paintings reveal a quality of reverence for the world around her, a world which has widened from Selmer, Tennessee, to Cape Cod, to England, France and beyond that create a spiritual connection with her viewers.

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